Ways to use Stubby's BBQ Sauce

Tasty Ways to Use Stubby’s BBQ Sauce!

Stubby’s BBQ Sauce. You love the authentic Arkansas hickory barbecue flavor! Here are exciting new recipes and ways to enjoy it at home!

Stubby’s BBQ restaurant in Hot Springs, Arkansas is a legend among discerning lovers of authentic BBQ, just ask Danielle, the hostess and Diva Q of TV’s BBQ Crawl! And Stubby’s BBQ famous BBQ Sauce has the secret ingredients that combine to create the iconic flavor that people around the country rave about and enhances food in a big way. As many who can’t resist Stubby’s BBQ Sauce attest, there are many ways to use it besides for BBQ and grilling ( though that’s not a bad idea ). Here are some simple new BBQ sauce recipes.

Tasty Ways to Use Stubby’s BBQ

There are a number of innovative and fun ways to use Stubby’s BBQ sauce to spice things up at home or add some zest to your next party. For example, baste chicken, fish or duck before oven roasting. The result is OUT OF THIS WORLD flavor.

Top unbaked pizza dough with Stubby’s BBQ Sauce and then add some Jack cheese and lightly crisped bacon. Bake until bubbly. There is nothing like a half cup of Stubby’s BBQ Sauce added to chili and beans to make an unforgettable supper. Think hot dogs can’t taste better? Brush them with Stubby’s BBQ Sauce before grilling!

BBQ Sauce and Appetizers

Create delicious appetizers made with Stubby’s BBQ Sauce for the next party buffet for guests or to serve while watching the big game. Add melted cheese to nachos and serve these with Stubby’s BBQ Sauce as a dipping sauce. Stubby’s BBQ also is a great dip for chips and pretzels. Order online!

Stubby’s BBQ and Sandwiches

Lunches are more irresistible when serving “Stubby’s BBQ.” For example, select hero rolls and brush the inside of each half of the rolls with Stubby’s BBQ Sauce. Add thinly sliced ham, pork loin and salami. Top with shredded provolone. Broil the open halves lightly for two to three minutes.

To make delectable chicken hero sandwiches, try this recipe – brush slices of uncooked chicken with Stubby’s BBQ Sauce and place in a baking pan. Top with bacon and bake until chicken is tender. Place baked chicken and bacon on hero rolls with sliced, hard-cooked eggs and pickle relish.

The World’s Best Pulled Pork or Beef

Be the ultimate pitmaster at your next outdoor barbecue. This bbq sauce recipe calls for placing two tablespoons of olive oil in a slow cooker. Cut about two pounds of pork loin or beef into cubes and place in the slow cooker. Add chopped onions, two cloves of garlic crushed, diced green pepper and a half cup of ginger ale. Add half of a bottle of Stubby’s BBQ Sauce and blend well. Slow cook until meat begins to shed.

So ‘Get You Some Stubby’s BBQ!’ With so many recipes to try, you’ll want to stock up!. Order online at https://stubbys.com/shops/.