Hot Springs Arkansas 1893 - BBQ restaurant Stubby's

Visit Hot Springs, Arkansas…Our Home

Stubby’s BBQ first came to Hot Springs back in 1952, and for more than sixty years we’ve been proudly serving up our delicious BBQ entrees – a meld between Tennessee and Texas style – cooked with passion and love over savory hickory wood and featuring nationally renowned Stubby’s BBQ Sauce. Many of our customers enjoy our sauce so much they end up taking a bottle or two home with them after dining. We also pride ourselves on being a living encyclopedia when it comes to local knowledge of the Hot Springs area. Stop on by for some great food at Stubby’s BBQ and get a heaping helping of advice on what to see and do around town.

Visit Hot Springs National Park

Our town boasts its own National Park, and it’s just down the road from Stubby’s BBQ at the north end of historic downtown Hot Springs. The thermal springs in the park put Hot Springs on the map by attracting countless people looking to experience the soothing and healing properties of the natural springs. The hiking trails that wind through the park are a great way to take in some scenic nature while working up a healthy appetite.

Visit Bathhouse Row

Just down the street from the National Park is Bathhouse Row. The majority of the bathhouses have been converted to museums, visitor centers, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts, but two are still fully operational and offer a variety of spa services. At the south end of the row is the entrance to the Grand Promenade, a brick pathway on the back side of the bathhouses that runs through the natural beauty of the National Park to the north end of the row.

Enjoy the Downtown Vibe

The pedestrian-friendly downtown area is full of historic buildings that now house plenty of modern day shops, cozy bed and breakfasts, and unique bars and breweries. The town has a laid back vibe that reflects the relaxing effect of the nearby hot springs. Just a stroll down the mile and a half of Central Avenue’s historic district is enough to lower anyone’s blood pressure.

Stop On By!

These are some of highlights of the many interesting attractions in Hot Springs. For some great barbecue visit us at Stubby’s BBQ restaurant and say “hi” – and learn even more ‘insider’ details about the many wonders in and around Hot Springs. We’re very proud of our reputation for great food, fun and service, and we think you’ll enjoy our barbecue ( and Hot Springs ) as much as we do!! And when you go home – don’t forget to drop us a line!