In 1952, founder Richard “Stubby’s BBQ” Stubblefield, Sr. first fired up his BBQ over fragrantly smoldering hickory logs, slow­ cooking the famous meats: Ribs, Beef, Pork, and Chicken. Originally located at 1000 Park Avenue in Hot Springs, Stubby’s BBQ sauce fast became a mainstay in this tourist mecca, rivaling barbecue operations large and small in several other states.

In 1977, Stubby’s BBQ sold the enterprise to a young couple from New York. Now over 30 years later, Susan is still in the driver’s seat but has made room for son Christopher (affectionately known as “STUBB” among the locals). “When my son Chris joined me in the business in the late ’80s, together we gave our customers personal service with a capital ‘P’. To us the customer is king and we welcome everyone who walks through our doors with a smile. We know that without our customers we have no business, and we are grateful to them for supporting us for 60+ years.”

7-31-14-5Through the years, Stubby’s BBQ has gained a following of devotees not only from the South, but from across the nation. Stubby’s BBQ has also been recognized by many food critics, and boasts write-ups in national publications such as Food and Wine Magazine, Restaurant Business, Restaurant Hospitality, Restaurants and Institutions, and even books like Road Food Good Food.

Stubby’s BBQ has mastered the art of casual southern hospitality, welcoming visitors with its homey, eclectic decor. Once inside, they are usually greeted by Chris, who operates the legendary operation.

Whether it’s your destination, your choice for a unique catering experience, or just a stop along the way, Stubby’s BBQ is always the right choice.