Sinking your teeth into fall-off-the-bone ribs is beyond compare. Slow-cooked pork and brisket smothered with the perfect blend of tangy-sweet barbecue sauce will make anyone’s mouth water. And if you’re in or anywhere near Hot Springs, AR you know that Stubby’s BBQ is the place to go to fill your belly!

Don’t forget those sides! An Arkansas barbeque isn’t complete without some delicious side dishes. Beans, slaw, potato salad – Yes Please! Pickles, chips, and deviled eggs are the perfect finishing touch to your Hot Springs barbecue adventure.

Speaking of potatoes, we’ve got that locked down! 

Stubby’s menu offers signature spuds that are something to behold. We’ve got a Smoked Spud with a simple butter and sour cream that’ll have you coming back for more. Next, up is a Stuffed Spud topped with brisket or pork, need we say more? Well, we will because if you are daring, we’ll make you a Supreme Spud covered in brisket or pork then smothered with beans and slaw!

Our BBQ Sauce Will Change Your Life!

Our Arkansas barbecue sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes, distilled vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, onion, and paprika. There are also a few dashes of this and that, and that is our secret! Our savory-sweet sauce has been tempting taste buds for over 60 years.


If you’ve been lucky enough to have the Stubby’s BBQ experience, you know our sauce is unbelievable! Just one visit to Stubby’s BBQ will have you clamoring for a bottle of the good stuff. Pork, chicken, and beef don’t stand a chance of lasting on your dinner plates when covered in our bbq sauce! Not just the holy trinity of meats though, it is also perfect for roasting fish and duck.


You can also skip the ketchup, our bbq sauce makes a perfect dipping sauce for your french fries. Use it to help you finally win that chili cook-off, or add it into a special recipe you want to spice up. The list of what you will end up using our sauce on will depend on your imagination. 


All you have to do is click here to get the best barbeque sauce in your kitchen. Read some of our customer reviews if you’re still on the fence about trying the best barbecue in Hot Springs, AR.

BBQ Is Only As Good As The Meat And The Pitmaster.

Before the first mop of bbq sauce, Stubby’s begins by selecting the choicest cuts of meats. Food and Wine magazine says Stubby’s helps keep Arkansas on the barbeque map. It’s not just the sauce, we pick the best beef brisket and ribs, pork loin and shoulder as well as chicken and ham.


BBQ pitmaster Chris Dunkel’s choice of hickory to smoke our meats makes all the difference. He blends the barbecue styles from Texas and Tennessee, turning them into our own award-winning bbq style. Chris has been working at Stubby’s since the early 80’s after his parents purchased it in 1976. He has worn every hat at Stubby’s and knows the bbq business and Arkansas style bbq from the inside out. 


Chris is just a part of the storied history of Stubby’s BBQ and his success as pitmaster is why the story is still going on. His skills at the pit are the reason why people from all over the country make Hot Springs their Arkansas destination.

For The Best Barbecue Experience In Hot Springs – Choose Stubby’s BBQ!

We are located on Central Ave. in beautiful Hot Springs, AR, and have been serving bbq since 1952. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you will have a great experience every time you visit. If you’re in a rush just swing through our convenient drive-thru. We are open 7 days a week and can’t wait to treat you to the best bbq out there!