Weddings are joyous occasions where the bride and groom celebrate their love on this special day. The party after the ceremony is a way of thanking the guests for attending and showcasing their new life together.

The demand for weddings and related events is seeing an upsurge in the last year with more people tying the knot.

Catering is one of the best ways to have a great menu and top-notch service. However, not all wedding catering is the same and you want to get the right one to match your needs. We look at the different kinds of wedding catering in Hot Springs to help you decide which one is right for you.

Butler Style Events

If you want a reception that is high class and reduces the time you spend on eating this style is for you. The way it works is a butler will pass out appetizers as the guests are mingling with each other and not taking a break to eat.

This option is popular with small venues, where there are not a lot of tables or chairs. At the reception, the butler will serve a variety of bite-sized appetizers on a tray and walk through the event so you can socialize and mingle.

Lots of couples choose this option, so the bride, groom, and wedding party have time for the photos. The butler is not limited to appetizers and can serve cocktails, champagne, or any beverage you want.

These events are popular if you want greater flexibility in the food and what is served to your guests.

Stubby’s BBQ is the place for all of your wedding catering needs, with our delicious Southern-style appetizers. We can make your reception something special that embraces the region’s unique style and tastes. Our food is so delicious that we have favorable reviews from Food & Wine, Restaurant Business, and Restaurants & Institutions magazines.

Waiter Style

Sometimes, you want to have a formal reception with a sit-down meal where everyone is served like a restaurant. Waiters are the professionals who will bring you a dish you order in advance over a series of courses.

Your guest can visit, have a good meal, drinks are provided, and the table is cleared when everyone is finished. You can then dance and enjoy the celebration after the meal with a full-scale party.

We typically serve our delicious dishes from the menu that is ordered in advance by you and the guests. Some of the different dishes we serve include pork loin, prime rib, beef tenderloin, turkey, and crab legs. All of this is marinated in our world-famous barbecue sauce to give you that Southern-style flavor.

Stubby’s BBQ is your premier wedding caterer and we know how to make everything special. We give you everything you want for an excellent meal, so you can feel full and enjoy the festivities.

The Buffet Style

Buffets are very common throughout the South and a popular choice for wedding catering in Hot Springs. The food is served in a streamlined process where a predetermined course of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts are provided.

Your guests can serve themselves or our trained staff will portion out all of the meals. Everyone has the option of going back for additional courses until they fill up.

Typically, buffets are common for a casual and laid-back wedding with less formality. The wedding party is embracing a style that encourages everyone to get what they want and as much as they like.

Fewer caterers are serving the buffet line, but you can create an intimate gathering for all of your guests. If you choose to have the guests serve themselves, our staff is available to maintain all of the stations with our delicious barbecue and side dishes.

We strive to create an environment that is supportive of all your needs to make your reception something special.

We recommend the buffet style if you want to maintain informality with a sense of closeness.

Stubby BBQ is the place for all of your wedding catering needs and we will make your wedding memorable. We will give your reception the taste, atmosphere, service, and excellent food to make everything something you will never forget.

We are the go-to Wedding Caterers

These are some of the options you have available when it comes to wedding catering. Call Stubby’s BBQ today at 501-624-1552 and ask about our famous Arkansas BBQ sauce for your wedding.

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