Barbecue (BBQ) is one of the most popular foods in America. The last two years have seen demand for BBQ increase. Consumers want unique tastes combined with their favorite dishes. 

Hot Springs is known as the place for getting excellent BBQ. However, not all restaurants are the same and you want to go to a place that has the best food. Here are the top three things that make for an excellent BBQ restaurant in Hot Springs. 

A Great Menu with Specials

One of the most critical things for any restaurant is having a great menu. This means having foods that are tasty, popular, and unique. There are specials on the menu that encourage you to try different dishes. This lets you taste different foods and see what the restaurant has to offer. 

Stubby’s BBQ has the best menu in the South. We have the tastiest sauce and marinate different meats in it including pork, chicken, and beef. Our take-out and dine-in menus are reasonably priced with changing specials. Visitors from across the nation come to our restaurant for the great food we serve. 

A History of Serving the Public

The best restaurants have a long and illustrious history of serving customers. There is a predetermined menu that uses different marinates to capture the one-of-a-kind tastes. The longer a restaurant is in business the better it can refine the menu. These changes help them to create the perfect menu that makes them well known. 

Stubby’s BBQ was started in 1952 by Richard Stubblefield (the original Stubby). He perfected his menu using a blend of BBQ sauces and marinades. Over the years, people from across the country came to Stubby’s to sample our food. We are one of the best choices for BBQ by Food and Wine magazine. Our history of serving the public is what makes eating our food so special. 

The Extras

An excellent BBQ restaurant in Hot Springs gives you something extra to keep you coming back. At Stubby’s, we do catering, offer larger portions, and you can buy our custom BBQ sauce. These extras are what make us famous and one of the best values when it comes to BBQ foods and sauces. 

The best restaurants do those little extras that encourage you to return in the future. 

Stubby’s is the number one place for Hot Springs BBQ. We do catering, special take-out orders, and holiday menus. No one makes excellent BBQ sauces and dishes like us.

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