Since 1952, Stubby’s has made the best BBQ in Hot Springs. We also provide many other delicious offerings. Known for our flavorful ribs and chicken, we also serve beef brisket, pork loin, prime rib, and turkey. If you’re still getting over the winter holidays, let Stubby’s cater your next meal for your home or office.

Although some customers love the sweet, smoky sauce, others swear by the slow-cooked meats that fall off the bone. We also serve a few nontraditional menu items like the smoked Alaskan crab that keep customers returning for more. Here are some favorites you’ll only find at this popular BBQ restaurant.

Smoked Beef Brisket

Available as an entrée, a la carte, or on a sandwich, this tender yet tasty smoked treat is one of the most in-demand items at Stubby’s. The cuts are lean, and the portions are generous. Our meats are also excellent when piled high on our Signature Spuds. Stop by to try all the different options at the best barbecue restaurant in Arkansas.


Paired with chopped ham, spices, and our famous barbecue sauce, many customers love this alone or as a side dish. The hearty smoked taste is what separates this from ordinary beans. When you add a slice of bread, this makes a satisfying meal on cold days.

Supreme Signature Spud

These spuds are topped with a choice of brisket or pulled pork, a generous helping of baked beans, and coleslaw. If you like meat and potatoes only, the Stuffed Spud is a good choice. Every large potato is smoked to perfection, and the Supreme can feed two people or one extra-hungry person. 

Super Combo Platter

When you want to sample a little of everything, this platter has you covered. The selection includes five kinds of meat: beef, pork, ham, ribs, and a half-chicken. Also included are smoked beans, coleslaw, bread, and a drink. The large portions make this a good value when there are more than a couple of people to feed – or when you want leftovers.

Pulled Pork

Like the beef brisket, this is available a la carte, as an entrée, or on a sandwich. Many customers enjoy visiting this best BBQ in Hot Springs for a pulled pork sandwich. Our pulled pork is cooked slowly for that pull-apart goodness. You’ll get good helpings of pork on a soft bun for that down-home taste. This also goes well with a side of our mustard potato salad, smoked beans, or a couple of deviled eggs.


While visiting the best barbecue restaurant in town, don’t forget our homemade peach cobbler. Many customers love the juicy, lightly spiced peach slices combined with a buttery crust. Also, remember we sell our famous BBQ sauce by the pint or the dozen.

Stubby’s is a barbecue restaurant that stands apart from the rest. We’ve been featured in the Travel Channel’s BBQ Crawl series. We also have a holiday menu and offer catering services. Stop by when you get a taste for some old-fashioned Arkansas-style BBQ – our friendly staff looks forward to feeding you. Contact Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant for more information.