Americans love to eat barbecue, and the sauce is one of the ingredients that make the meat so delicious. 

Last year, barbecue sauce sales came in at $877.90 million and are projected to grow to $918.10 million in 2021. 

The South is known for having excellent barbecue sauce, and each region uses different flavors. Arkansas takes local ingredients and combines them to give you a one-of-a-kind taste you can’t find anywhere else. We look at what is inside the Arkansas BBQ sauce that makes it so special and tasty. 


The secret to making an excellent barbecue sauce is to marinate your favorite meat, such as beef, pork, or chicken. Typically, you want to let the meat sit in the sauce anywhere from one to three hours to allow everything to absorb. 

Once you start cooking, you want to apply the Arkansas BBQ sauce onto the meat to capture that hickory taste. Using this approach gives you the ideal taste that your friends and family will envy. 

At Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant, we have a secret sauce that is 61 years old and popular throughout the area. We are known in Hot Springs as the place to go for buying the best barbecue sauce in the South. No one gives you the taste or captures that unique flavor of our special recipe. 

The Ingredients

Throughout Arkansas, you will find many different tastes and recipes that vary from one place to the next. We discuss some of the general ingredients, but what makes a barbecue sauce great is experience and passion. 

At Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant, our most significant ingredient is love and our dedication to creating the best barbecue sauce. We are legends in Arkansas for our barbecue sauce, and visitors come from all over to taste and buy it. 

The Dry Ingredients

To make a great barbecue sauce, you will need several dry ingredients, including red chili, black pepper, salt, and brown sugar. We use these ingredients to give our sauce that sweet and spicy taste that makes Stubby’s famous. 

Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant has numerous ways you can use our sauce to add to the taste and flavor of your meal. Some of the most notable include on appetizers, sandwiches, and pulled beef or pork. 

Wet Ingredients

The wet ingredients enhance the taste of the barbecue sauce and give you that flavor you love. Some of the most notable ingredients we use include water, red wine vinegar, and English mustard. The ingredients and recipes will vary as some people will add or take away from the wet ingredients. 

At Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant, our wet ingredients are one of the factors that give our sauce that extra kick. You can try to make barbecue sauce on your own, but the taste and flavor will not be the same. We are unique because of our proven formula to give your meat that added taste you can’t find anywhere else. 

The Method

An awesome barbecue sauce requires knowing how to mix the ingredient together just right. Then, heat everything for a specific amount of time until you have the desired thickness and flavor. 

We will let our sauce simmer for a while to capture the full effects from the ingredients in the flavor. Once we reach the desired thickness and taste, we let our sauce cool to improve the taste. 

Our sauces are placed into a range of glass jars so that you can have that special taste at any time. We never use aluminum, as this takes away from the flavor and quality. We want you to have the best whenever you buy a jar of our barbecue sauce. 

For instance, Stubby’s is so good that the sauce is applied to the meat to give you a great taste. Our sauce is what brings out the exceptional taste in the meat that is an in-house recipe. 

Our method of putting everything together is what will give you an excellent barbecue sauce. 

At Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant, we use this sauce on all our dishes, including crawfish, brisket, ribs, beef, chicken, and pork. We are the best when it comes to barbecue, and no one can imitate our special sauce. 

Call and Place Your Order

The most critical factors in an excellent barbecue sauce are marinating, the ingredients, and the method. Call Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant today at 501-624-1552 and let us help you discover a memorable experience and taste. Our BBQ ribs in Hot Springs are some of the most popular and delicious. 

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