Eating barbecue is a part of the American way of life with different tastes, sauces, and styles for various parts of the country.

In fact, $1.36 billion grills were sold in 2019, with the sauces and tastes as the most significant reasons consumers prefer barbecue. At restaurants, demand is increasing 2% annually, with consumers citing barbecue flavors as the motivations behind eating at these establishments. 


In the South, an entire culture has strong rivalries between regions about which area has the best barbecue. 

BBQ ribs in Hot Springs are topics that create debate about who has the best ones and what should you look for to find the tastiest. 

The key is to watch for specific things in locating those barbecue ribs you will enjoy and always remember. 

Pork versus Beef

Southern BBQ in Hot Springs uses both pork and beef with different recipes and flavors to include

  • Baby back ribs
  • Traditional ribs
  • Spare ribs
  • Country-style ribs.

You choose if you want these styles in beef or pork to match your tastes and preferences. 

Beef ribs are larger and contain more meat and fat versus the pork options available. Beef is tangier, and the spices are stronger than when the ribs are cooked versus pork.

Pork is mild, and the fat is lower than the beef option, the meat is less, and the smoky tastes are reduced. The differences between beef versus pork depend on your tastes and what you prefer with your ribs. 


Stubby’s Barbecue Restaurant has some of the finest pork and beef ribs using that famous Arkansas barbecue sauce. Our unique recipes are what make us famous for the Southern tastes and flavors you enjoy. We have favorable reviews from numerous sources to include Travel Advisor, Yelp, and the Arkansas Times.


The style of the ribs determines the taste, quality, flavor, and which brands you will eat the most. 

  • Kansas City: The Kansas City ribs are made with a thicker sauce and a density similar to ketchup. The ribs are longer with more meat, but the fat is less, and these ribs have a hickory taste. 
  • St. Louis: The St. Louis ribs are cooked in a thinner sauce and contain more vinegar. The ribs are simmered and marinated over an open flame on a smoke-filled grill. You will find that the St. Louis style has a caramel-like taste when eating these ribs. 
  • Memphis: Memphis ribs contain less meat and more seasoning to give you a smoky taste. Typically, the sauce is served as a side order of the ribs after the smoking process is finished. The pork ribs are the tastiest using this style to give you a different form of Southern barbecue. 
  • Texas: The phrase, “Everything in Texas is big,” holds with Texas-style ribs using more spices, meat, and seasonings.  The key is to season the ribs using garlic, cayenne pepper, and smoking the ribs for a long time over the fire with mesquite sauce. The meat is thicker, and these ribs have a unique taste that only Texas can claim. 
  • Arkansas: Arkansas is a state that sits at a crossroads between the South, Midwest, and Southwest. The Arkansas barbecue takes from the influences across the South and Midwest and combines everything to create a unique style. You can choose from different marinated meats to include chicken, pork, or beef mixed with the sauce. The sauce is a hickory flavor but has brown sugar, some of the state’s finest wines, peppers, and vinegar. 

At Stubby’s BBQ, we have the finest barbecue across the South, embracing different influences. People come from across the nation to eat our delicious cooking and are devoted followers. Since 1952, we have been a staple in Hot Springs that is known as one of the best places for eating barbecue in America. Our recipes and devotion to quality are what make us so popular with locals and tourists.

You should look for specific things to find outstanding BBQ ribs in Hot Springs that match your tastes. Call Stubby’s BBQ today at 501-624-1552 and see why we are famous for our barbecue. We are located off Central Avenue, down the street from the Oaklawn Casino in beautiful Hot Springs.