For many lovers of grilled meat, the sauce is what brings all of the flavors together. What most people don’t realize is that the variations aren’t limited to a tomato or ketchup base. Whether you like smoky mixed with sweet, a little heat, or even a lot, you can find sauces that differ quite a bit from the ones we serve with our Arkansas BBQ at Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant in Hot Springs. After reading about these delicious sauces, you may get a craving for something hot off the grill. So, check out our take-out or catering menu.

1. Kansas City

Of the five on the list, this thick sauce has the heaviest tomato base and is found at most Arkansas BBQ restaurants. It also uses molasses, which gives the sauce a sticky texture and caramelizes while cooking. This style of sauce also does not contain vinegar, something that some aficionados consider a sin. However, it’s this variety that’s found in a lot of households across the States.

2. South Carolina

If thick is what you like, then this mustard-based condiment is worth trying. Also known as Carolina Gold, this yellow-brownish sauce is sweetened with brown sugar. Since the combination of mustard and vinegar has such an intense tang, no other spices are needed. For those who like their sauce on the darker side, this may be applied within 30 minutes of cooking.

3. Texas

This tangy yet smoky blend also has more of a peppery heat than most sauces. Besides the usual brown sugar and mustard, most recipes call for chili powder, coarse ground black pepper, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce. However, this is the only sauce on our list that uses meat drippings. Most grill masters like to apply this sauce generously using a basting mop while cooking.

4. Alabama

Also known as Bama White Sauce, this mayo-based condiment has been quite a surprise to most outside the Deep South. For heat lovers, it’s a pleasant surprise as they taste a marriage of horseradish, mustard, cayenne pepper, and vinegar. This is the only recipe that doesn’t contain a sweetener and is probably the thinnest of the sauces listed here. While some apply this sauce at the end cooking phase, others add it separately to their chicken or pork entrees.

5. Korean BBQ

While it didn’t originate in the USA, this garlicky-sweet sauce has become popular in states like California, which have many Asian communities. Not to be confused with teriyaki sauce, this soy sauce base also uses ginger, brown sugar, and onions for layers of flavor. Although this is a staple of Korean BBQ beef ribs, it can also be used to grill chicken and pork.

There are also other states that borrow from those listed above but add their own twist. For many, an Arkansas BBQ restaurant like Stubby’s offers guests a homegrown flavor that can’t be denied. For takeout or catering, this is the place where portions are generous, and the service is friendly. Not to mention that old-fashioned smoky taste that defines Arkansas BBQ!