St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the death of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. With parades, special dishes, dancing, music, a lot of drinking, and a lot of green, the event has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture.  

St Patrick’s day is a long-established religious holiday in Ireland, but thanks to a large population of Irish immigrants in the United States, the holiday has taken on a noticeably liberal tone, with loud parades replacing church bells and stylized saltire hats replacing homemade saltire pins.  

St. Patrick’s Day is frequently used as an excuse to drink green beer, eat corned beef and cabbage, and embrace a stereotype that has little to do with the people and places commemorated by the occasion. To be honest, Corned Beef and Cabbage isn’t a particularly Irish dish. It’s an American thing. What about the green beer? That’s merely a ruse to make cheap, terrible beer seem appealing. 

Irish cuisine features a lot of high-quality meat, and if you happen to be in Arkansas on St Patrick’s Day, you are in luck. Step away from the green beers and same ol’ dishes and visit Stubby’s Restaurant to eat the perfect BBQ!  

Here are 5 reasons you should visit Stubby’s Restaurant for St. Patrick’s Day:  

The Infamous Arkansas BBQ Sauce  

Stubby’s Restaurant is famous for its Arkansas BBQ sauce that perfectly brings out the meat’s taste and is excellent as a dip. It perfectly balances the sweet and sour flavor with spice and will definitely make you want to come back for more.  

Slow-cooked Meat  

The signature BBQing style was introduced by the founder Richard Stubblefield in 1952, where meat is grilled slowly over fragrant smoking hickory logs, leaving the meat soft, juicy, and irresistible.  

Stubby’s Catering Services  

Stubby’s offers catering services around the Hot Springs area, and they have a tasty variety of meats:  

  • Pork loin  
  • Turkey  
  • Beef tenderloin  
  • Ham  
  • Alaskan king crab legs (smoked on a pit, they are irresistible)  
  • Prime rib  
  • Famous chicken and ribs  

They have incredible family deals.  

If you decide to drop by their Restaurant, they have excellent family deals on their menu.   

  • Chicken Feast for 2 includes a whole chicken and slaw, beans, and bread on the side.  
  • Rib Feast for 2, which includes generous 1-pound ribs cooked to perfection with slaw, bread, and beans on the side.  
  • Feast for 2, which includes half a pound brisket with beans, slaw, and spud on the side.  
  • Rib feast for 4 includes a slab of ribs with beans, slaw, and bread on the side.  
  • Picnic Pack for 10 includes slab of ribs, 1 pound brisket, whole chicken, 5 spuds, 3-pint beans, 3-pint slaw, and 1 loaf of bread.  

Excellent Customer Service  

The owners, Susan and Chris, give the customers personal service, as they believe that a customer always comes first, and without them, there would be no Stubbs.  

The Restaurant’s ambiance is welcoming and friendly; with its warm, colorful design, it has mastered the art of casual southern hospitality.  

Not only is their BBQ great, but they also have the best-baked potato in Hot Springs and amazing deviled eggs. Their Cole slaw is delicious too. Their BBQ sauce has put many other BBQ joints to shame, and their quality of meat is like no other. Their ultimate spud stuffed with beef is another reason for you to visit Stubby’s.  

Another great dish on their menu that could remind you of Ireland is the ‘pot o beans,’ which is smoked and served in little porcelain pots with BBQ beans and chopped ham.  

Stubby’s BBQ has amassed a devoted following not only from the South but from all around the United States. Many food critics have praised Stubby’s BBQ. It has been featured in national publications such as Restaurant Business, Food and Wine Magazine, Restaurant Hospitality, Restaurants and Institutions, and even books like Road Food Good Food.  

If you are an old-school BBQ fan, Stubby’s is the place to go. They have been serving perfect BBQs in the Hot Springs area for more than 5 decades and have a number of fans. Whether you like chicken, ribs, pork, brisket, or beef, add Stubby’s to your list and have a fulfilling St Patrick’s Day celebration.