BBQ smoking is an art that is rare to find. You have to consider many factors if you are looking to make the best-smoked BBQ. These factors include the kind of meat, sauce, smoking style, and type of wood to use.

Of course, smoking our savory pork ribs, chicken and beef brisket over smoldering hickory logs is what we’re all about here at Stubby’s in Hot Springs.

To help you understand more about smoked BBQ, here are four frequently asked questions we get asked frequently.

The Four Frequently Asked Questions About Smoked BBQ

How Do BBQ Smokers Work?

It all starts in the firebox when you ignite the charcoal or wood fuel. The smoke and heat from the wood fuel go into the smoking chamber and heat the water tray. The steam generated cooks the meat.

Is Smoked Meat Better For You?

Smoked meat is tastier and while any grilled, brazed or smoked meat isn’t in theory the ‘best’ thing in the world for you, don’t tell your taste buds that!  Smoked ribs, and brisket have that uniquely distinct flavor that is unique to other methods of baking and grilling. Since smoking meat is “low and slow,” it’s quite easy to break down collagen – a protein located in muscle tissues.

The woods used, such as hickory logs, make the meat tastier and enhances its aroma. Moreover, it creates a harsh condition for bacteria to survive.

What are the different smoking styles?

Smoking styles depend on the type of smokers used, which include:

Vertical Water Smokers – Also known as a bullet or water smokers, these smokers have a water pan, and one or two grill grids. The water pan deflects direct heat from its source, providing a moist environment for cooking.

Horizontal Smokers – These smokers have a separate smoking chamber and a side firebox. They are costly compared to vertical smokers made using a thicker type of steels. The thicker steel makes them more efficient since they retain more heat.

Combination Smokers – Combination grill-smokers merge the horizontal side firebox and the vertical water smoking chamber. They can serve as home smokers and professional smokers.

What Are the Best Types of Wood to Use for Smoking BBQ?

Some common types of woods used in smoking include:

  • Hickory – most versatile ( Stubby’s choice )
  • Maple
  • Apple
  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Pecan

Get Stubby’s Smoked BBQ

At Stubby’s, we’ve been serving all things smoked throughout Arkansas state. If you’re on a hunt for the best-smoked BBQ, feast your eyes on Stubby’s BBQ. We also have a full menu filled with a wide variety of foods.

So, if you love the taste of smoked meat but can’t get it at the store or make it at home – why not come to Stubby’s and enjoy our smoked Arkansas style BBQ and famous BBQ sauce? We are among the few area BBQ restaurants featured on BBQ CRAWL TV Show and we have been doing savory smoking ‘Q’ since 1952!