Summertime is the perfect time to get out and enjoy new cuisine. When thinking about all the delicious options that summer bounty offers the hungry, what comes to mind first?

Barbecue! That’s right, those lip-smacking, tongue-tying ribs are just waiting for your fingers. If you happen to live in the Hot Springs area, it’s time to check out the best barbecue Hot Springs plates up. Stubby’s BBQ has been creating great barbecue memories and slinging up award-winning sauces for nearly seventy years, and that level of experience and craftsmanship deserves to be not only celebrated but savored and enjoyed. If you find yourself with an intense craving for some sweet and sticky sauce, check out these delicious menu items that the best BBQ restaurant Hot Springs has to offer. Now the only problem is choosing just one. Or two. Or a few.


Slow roasted, soaked in its own juices, and coated to sticky sweet perfection with our signature barbecue sauce, Stubby’s Brisket is worth its own blog post alone for flavor that you can savor. Perfect when piled high on a platter with some corn on the cob or slathered on a bun with coleslaw and beans on the side, you won’t regret this finger-licking choice as you seek respite from your hunger. Choose from beef or pork, neither choice is wrong, so go with your heart.


Go for the gusto and order yourself a rack of ribs that Stubby’s serves up with heaping piles of slow smoked beans and coleslaw. Nothing says Hot Springs BBQ quite like a great plate of ribs! Equal parts tangy and sweet, spicy and savory will tickle your tongue and coat your fingers as you enjoy each delicious bite. Who are you kidding? Order the six-bone already, you know that the four won’t be enough to satisfy your voracious appetite.

Supreme Spud

If you don’t have a hankering for meat but would still like something savory, consider the Supreme Spud, loaded with about every ingredient we offer on our menu. Get ready for delicious, warm “goo” as you behold an Idaho white topped with generous portions of brisket, beans, and coleslaw to boot. You’ll need a fork, napkins, and perhaps a bib to get through this one, but it will be well worth every messy bite.

Super Combo

This platter is not for the faint of heart or the slight of the waistline. The “Super” combo is aptly named for its belt-busting combination of some of our best flavors. A sampling of brisket, ribs, ham, and chicken is a feast for the eyes as well as your appetite. Served with beans, slaw, and bread, this is the epitome of comfort food and barbecue goodness all rolled into one.

Come On In! Hot Springs BBQ Is Calling You!

Stubby’s is the best BBQ restaurant Hot Springs has to offer. With catering and take-out menu options, you and your brood will find all the tangy goodness you’re looking for in a great barbecue experience. Visit us today and see what a difference our years of experience can make.