Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant provides the best wedding catering services in Arkansas. As a locally owned and operated BBQ restaurant, we provide southern-style barbecue cooking at its finest for your wedding! Our catering services for your wedding are prepared with care by our expert BBQ chefs, who are experienced in ensuring that your wedding is a day to remember.

Stubby’s uses all-natural ingredients and seasonings in everything we create, from grilled chicken and sandwiches to chicken strips and wings. All of our meats for the barbecue are cooked over charcoal or wood. We have specialty sauces that are developed on-site from a variety of ingredients and spices. We even have a special sauce for every menu item listed on the menu.

Some of the wedding services that we offer include:

1. Menu Design and Preparation

Our staff can assist you with the menu design and develop various food items that will meet your specific needs. We also have a full-service bar, including all the nonalcoholic drinks, beer, and wine selections. Our staff can assist you with the beverage choices as well.

2. Personalized Food Catering Services for Weddings

Our staff can provide personalized food catering services for weddings to help make sure that the guests are comfortable. We can help you with the seating choices, table settings, and even the decorations to ensure that your wedding reception is personalized to meet your specific tastes.

3. Good Music and Entertainment

We have a lot of experience providing the best music and entertainment for your wedding receptions. We will help you with decorating the venue for your event as well. We have music appropriate for kids, adults, and those who prefer to dance all night!

4. The Best Equipment

We have the best equipment to keep your wedding venue clean and tidy. This equipment will include tables and chairs, silverware, plates, coffee cups, napkins, and even trash cans at no additional charge.

5. Staffing for Services On-site

Our staff is friendly and well-experienced in providing the best service for weddings. We offer an affordable menu for all of your guests to choose from at your reception. We also have various options at a discounted price to ensure that you stay within your budget.

6. Full Buffet for the Reception

We have a full buffet for your reception, which includes all the meat and side dishes on the menu. With our team on hand, you won’t have to worry about running out of food or beverages during the reception.

Reasons for choosing us to provide the best wedding catering services include:

1. We Offer a Flexible Pricing Plan to Fit Any Budget

We have many menu options when looking for the perfect wedding catering packages for your event. The prices for our packages are very reasonable, and we offer the best quality for the price.

2. Our Vast Experience

Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years, we have gained experience preparing food. Many types of equipment are involved in preparing food for large events, and we have learned how to prepare the best quality food quickly. We utilize our staff and equipment to provide this food at your wedding reception. 

Bottom line

Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant is the best place for your wedding catering services. Our staff is friendly and will ensure that all of your guests are well taken care of, whether two or two thousand! Please contact Stubby’s BBQ Restaurant to make a reservation; our team will handle the rest while you relax.