Don’t forget to lather the BBQ sauce on your veggies too next barbecue! Home cooks and pitmasters should consider grilling their peppers, onions etc. with BBQ sauce for a zesty alternative to that bland veggie taste.

And don’t feel left out if you love BBQ sauce but you don’t ( or can’t ) eat meat! Contrary to popular belief, BBQ sauce isn’t just for beef, chicken or pork. There are so many vegetables and vegetarian dishes that BBQ sauce can be used on because most sauces have vegetarian friendly ingredients ( It’s always a good practice to always read the ingredients though ). Vegetarian BBQ is a nice option – even for a meat lover’s ‘healthy change up’. And it’s a healthy idea for BBQ cooking at home.

Yummy BBQ Ideas For Dinner

Of course, we prefer to use our own Stubby’s BBQ Sauce for grilling on veggies like eggplant, portobello mushrooms, cauliflower and hearts of palm. All of these with some onion and tomato make for a zesty BBQ veggie kabob. Stubby’s sauce is also a great dip for roasted potatoes or fries and it is also delicious on veggie burgers, grilled tofu, tempeh, jackfruit and even in your beans and chickpeas. And if you are missing meat loaf, try topping your lentil loaf with some yummy BBQ sauce.

There are so many options!

  • Let’s talk about Jackfruit. Did you know it is the vegetarian version “pulled pork”? High in nutritional value, easy to make (once the fruit is cleaned), has great texture and is an excellent meat substitute. Add an delicious BBQ sauce and you are on your way to vegetarian dinner delight! *Side note, this is excellent topped with chopped cabbage.
  • Veggie kabobs are a no brainer or maybe grilled tofu is your jam. Have you ever marinated tofu in BBQ sauce and then thrown it on the grill? It is sooo easy!
  • And, if you must find a substitute for mom’s meatloaf, there is a fabulous dish known as lentil loaf! Slather some BBQ sauce on top of that baby before you throw it in the oven and it will bake into an oooey gooey caramelized sauce that will magically compliment each slice of lentil loaf you dish out.
  • Let’s not forget about the veggie burgers of the world. Here are some examples to get your mouth watering. There are black bean veggie burgers, oat veggie burgers, mushroom veggie burgers, pea protein veggie burgers, soy veggie burgers and beet veggie burgers. Did we miss any? Today, there are many versions of veggie burgers and ALL of them go great with BBQ sauce!
  • Hungry yet? Here is a little secret, try a dollop of BBQ sauce on your next cheese pizza, it’s delish! 🙂

So the next time you want to be inspired, order Stubby’s BBQ Sauce online. It will be your new favorite BBQ sauce to compliment your BBQ veggie favorites.

Have some favorite vegetarian BBQ recipes? Share them in the comments below!